We believe belts are not strictly necessary items, but elegant clothing accessories that should enrich our look. For this reason, we made a goal in creating unique, eclectic belts to match your taste in fashion and apparel. We struggled to supersede the pattern of classic buckle and leather strap with holes and to create a versatile belt, with minimal design and aesthetics at your imagination. And as we are extremely passionate about wood handicraft, we aimed to implement this distinctive, organic material into our belts.


It all started by the end of 2016, from a discussion we had on a funny topic – we shared various annoying situations from daily life that usually irritate us beyond limits. Besides the unhappy scenario of being constrained to untangle our headphones found in the jacket’s pocket every morning, we both realized we had serious issues in finding belts suitable for our outfits. Or at least having a modern touch. We noticed that we were forced to obey the market standard into choosing simple, leather belts with classic buckles. Aiming to find a belt out of the norm seemed something hopeless. Since then, the idea of creating the new came to our minds and we decided to take a step together into this project.


The first aspect we took over was the design. We envisaged a symmetrical and minimalist buckle, however of a size able to stand out as a visible apparel accessory, allowing alternatives for colours, customized inscriptions or our suggestion of wood insertion. Thus the two types of belt buckle were created – flat with bent edges and curved. The first one was particularly designed to sustain the natural wood plates that render such a high-end, unconventional look to our belts. As regards the strap, we aimed for colours, versatility and durable material, hence textile webbing was our first choice. Do not worry, the black, grey and blue straps fit perfectly to any business or black tie suit, so you can wear our belts even at fancy events. In furtherance, we aimed to create a fastening system such as to highlight the buckle and to preserve its symmetrical, exclusive aspect. Hence, after several attempts, we accomplished the actual system, based mainly on grip resistance; no need to be sceptic, we promise your belt shall hold tight all day. And have you noticed its advantages? There are no prongs, no holes in strap and no visible flap. The surplus material is hidden beneath. In return, you obtain a belt perfectly adjustable to your size, interchangeable straps and a surplus of comfort. Anyway, let’s say the design was the easy part. Production was far more difficult and gave us many sleepless nights during the entire year of 2017. In order to reach the current standard of quality, we tested more than twenty types of metal and countless textile webbings. We ruined more than three hundred buckles on texture and colour samples. We visited factories in all parts of Romania in order to assess the manufacturing process of wood, its weaknesses and behaviour. We tested various wood essences, just to determine the ones that offer perfect aesthetic match, high resistance to humidity and temperature variations, as well as endurance to accidental damage. We built our own equipment and production machines. Maybe we stressed our families and friends, but we are now confident we have created the perfect belt.

The Product

Completion of the product by the end of 2017 signalled the birth of BELT. Now every single piece is handcrafted in our own studio in Sibiu, Romania. We pay high attention to details and we pursue perfection in each product that leaves our studio. Hence, each belt you acquire is the result of our passion, efforts and many hours of work. But we are confident it is worth it.